Posted May 4, 2013:
Be sure to ask us about Invisalign..

Be sure to ask about Invisalign


Posted December 16, 2012:
New fence is installed!!

Yahooo we have a new fence installed on the east side of the parking lot so The Dugout is no longer visible to our patients!! Yippeee!


Posted November 18, 2012:
Remember to use your Flex Spending Account by the end of the year!

Teeth whitening or other dental work is a great way to use it.


Posted November 14, 2012:
Check out our Facebook page

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Posted November 11, 2012:
New Oral X-Ray Camera Sensors are installed!

Wahoo! New sesors are installed so we can see a lot more definition now when we take X-rays!


Posted October 12, 2012:
New Chair Lights Are in and so much better!

New lights are installed and so much brighter.

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